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Legacy North Training

Colt Starting & Young Horse DevelopmentBooked Full 2022

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Meet the Trainers

Kortnee Fleming

With an equine background that can only be described as eclectic, Kortnee employs a menagerie of training tools and philosophies to reach a very specific goal for each horse she handles: to teach what she has coined the “game of learning” (see Training Philosophy below). This theory has evolved over time, starting with a pony named Rosebud. Time as a rodeo competitor, ranch hand, cutting horse loper, FEI dressage groom, racehorse galloper, vet tech and mother have furthered the development of Kortnee’s theories and skills. Every horse manages to teach her something and that’s her favorite part of the process! When she’s not at the barn, you’ll find Kortnee with her husband and two kids on their hay farm or chasing dressage horses around the country with her friends.

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Mollie McLam

Growing up raising Missouri Fox Trotters, Mollie has been around the care and training of horses her whole life. Her love for horses grew alongside the foals, most of which she still rides today. Mollie employs equine biomechanics and physiology to her training game, an art cultivated by classical dressage. Softness breeds softness, and trust is the foundation of every relationship. From working as a trainer in an eventing barn, to teaching beginner riding lessons, to breeding and raising foals, to working as a groom, to countless miles on horseback in the Soldier mountains, to carriage driving; Mollie takes the experience she’s gained in each discipline to work with the horse, and develop a well-rounded athlete able to pursue any avenue they desire. When not playing with ponies, she is probably driving farm equipment, skiing, or coaching at the local high school, depending on the time of year.

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Training Philosophy 

The Game of Learning 

When a young horse understands the game of learning, they leave behind fear and resistance and enter into a mindset of curiosity and confidence. Upon arrival, most youngsters want to either run the show OR run away. The Game of Learning gives them a new option: stay with the human and try to figure out what our mutual goal is. Whether you’re teaching them to be caught or teaching them lead changes, they have to first understand that their job is to TRY, both mentally and physically. Once they have that, they are setup for a lifetime of trainability and success.

While much of this is taught in the round pen with “cowboy” influence, we leave out the typical routine of physical exhaustion to achieve join up. 

A foundation of mutual respect is where we start, and every work’s goal is to further trust, confidence, and willingness. Obedience is a piece of the puzzle but it is achieved without force; it is developed through a series of opportunities for the horse to choose partnership.

Young bodies are allowed to build slowly and correctly at Legacy North Training and every horse is under both trainers’ watchful eye. Age-appropriate training programs are tailored to each horse as an individual. Mental health is the cornerstone of our physical development theory. A relaxed mind governs a relaxed body, which in turn develops an athletic posture. Cavalettis, mountain trails, constant roughage access, and ample turnout are a few of our favorite tools to foster healthy bodies and minds.

Above all else we love horses. We train progressively, always working towards stronger, more balanced horses driven by a quiet, confident mind.

We’d like to thank Wild Gold for keeping our horses healthy from the inside out!

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Booked Full for 2022. Reservations for 2023 considered. Kortnee: 208-481-0258
Mollie: 208-293-4460

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Legacy Graduates 

We are humbled and grateful to be on each of your teams!

For anyone looking to start a young horse, I can’t say enough good things about Kortnee Fleming. She’s not only super good with horses, she is super kind and caring. It doesn’t matter what discipline you are after, she takes the time to start them right and is adaptable to each horse’s needs. My experience has been the best, and my horse never had a bad day under Kortnee’s care which is the most important part of training to me. The best part is I have acquired a great friend in Kortnee now and can call with any questions at any time.Sharon Mace

My name is Cathy Jordan and I operate Dancing Horse Farms Dressage in Eagle Idaho. I have sent several young dressage prospects to Kortnee Flemming to be started. These are 2 and 3 year old horses that were completely green never having been lunged or tack put on them. After 2 months with Kortnee they accepted tack, had been started in the Round pen under saddle and introduced to lunging and stationary tieing and standing. Her unique 1000 acre property and technique also introduced them to riding out onto her pastures. Her overall training framework is unbeatable in my opinion because it introduces the disciplines necessary for the introduction of more advanced work in a way that is non confrontational to the mind and demeanor of the young horse. At the same time she establishes a framework and matrix of appropriate boundaries that their young minds can expand and grow within. Those first few months are really critical and I have not found another person as sensitive to the young horses needs as Kortnee is. She has my complete support and approval and is an accomplished trainer for a horses early education needs.
Cathy Jordan

Is it a good or bad thing when your horse loves your trainer more than they love you?A rhetorical question I am happy to face after leaving a precious young gelding with Kortnee for his beginning education. In her hands I knew he would learn to love his job. She approaches training with a game mindset, always trying to engage, challenge appropriately, and make every day a positive experience. I think the horses feed off of her smart, kind mindset and quiet riding. When not being ridden, the horses in Kortnee’s care get the best horsey lives! I loved the stall + pasture combination, and the chance for the horses to go out on trails and be exposed to all sorts of different elements - from tractors to kids, there’s nothing that makes me happier than knowing my horse will come out brave and curious about the world around him. All in all, I couldn’t recommend anyone more than Kortnee as the starting place for a horse no matter the discipline. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way! 
PS, I didn’t even mention the fact that she was able to walk/trot/canter him fresh off the trailer (no lunging!) back in Boise when he came back home! Dreamy! KR

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